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Social Justice in the Ancient World  

By: K. D. Irani, Morris Silver
$ 62.95 at Amazon.com
ISBN: 0313291446
Publisher Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1995. 

This edited collection focuses on the problem of social justice or, more particularly, how the demand for social justice was articulated and implemented in ancient civilizations, including the Chinese, Indian, Iranian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Israelite, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. These essays are supplementd by discussions of the functioning of social justice in early and medieval Islam and in the postmedieval Anglo-Saxon world.



Rationality in Thought and Action: (Contributions in Philosophy) 

By: K.D. Irani, Martin Tamny
$ 72.50 at Amazon.com
ISBN: 0313250170
Publisher New York : Greenwood Press, 1986. 

This collection of original essays examines the controversy over and attacks on rationality in the methodologies of the humanities and the physical and social sciences. These essays represent the thinking of a wide variety of philosophers, psychologists, historians, classicists, and economists about the role of rationality in thought and action. Reflecting the differing perspectives of their authors' disciplines, as well as the centrality of rationality to those disciplines, they are important additions to a debate that has been going on for some twenty years. Beginning with an introductory essay in which K.D. Irani covers the various ways in which rationality can be approached, the body of the book is divided into five sections dealing with various aspects of the issue. Respectively, they are concerned with rationality as it relates to ethical and social thought and action; general scientific thought and the particular disciplines of economics, history, and law; the analytic and hermenutic approaches to communications and learning; and the contrasting classical traditions of ancient Greece and China. In the final section, two differing theories concerning the nature of rationality itself are presented. A list of suggested further readings completes the volume.



Emotion: Philosophical Studies  

By: K.D. Irani, G.E. Myers (Editor), K. S. Irani
ISBN: 0930586263 
Publisher New York : Haven Pub. Corp., 1983. 

Out of Stock


Pathology and Consciousness

Edited by K.D. Irani, Louise Horowitz, Gerald Myers. 
ISBN: 097058648 
Publisher New York : Haven Pub. Corp., 1978.

A Series on philosophy of mind, culture and theories of psychotherapy

Out of Print


The Gathas - The Hymns of Zarathushtra

Translated By Dinshaw J. Irani ; 
with a forward by Rabindranath Tagore
Edited and with an introduction by Kaikhosrov D. Irani. 
ISBN: 0966577604
Publisher Newton, Ma, PA : The Center for Ancient Iranian Studies, 1998.

Translations of the Gathas, the hymns of Zarathushtra in a free-verse poetic format.

Out of Print - Downloadable version 


Understanding the Gathas - The hymns of Zarathushtra : 
Introductory lectures on Gathic themes

By Dinshaw J. Irani ; Edited with an introduction by Kaikhosrov D. Irani. 
ISBN: 0963804502
Publisher Womelsdorf, PA : Ahura, 1994. 

Introductory description of the teachings of Zarathushtra.

Out of Print


Theoretical And Practical Physics

By K.D. Irani and N.B. Mehta
Publisher Bombay, India: Popular Book Depot, 1942

A college level text book on Physics.

Out of Print


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Papers - By K.D. Irani

This section shows a fraction of his papers, and it is still under development.

Technology, Social Environment and Human Values

[IN: Reason, Knowledge, and Value : a course reader;
Prepared by City College of New York
Chapter 9]

PUB: Mc Graw-Hill Primis, 
New York, NY; U.S.A.; 1996
ISBN: 0072178671


Reflective Religion in the Indo-Iranian Traditions.

[IN: Second International Congress Proceedings, 5th to 8th
January 1995. [Organized by the K. R. Cama Oriental
Institute]. p. 167 - 172.]

PUB: K. R. Cama Oriental Institute
Mumbai (Bombay), India, 1996


The Conceptual Basis for the Interaction between the Ancient Traditions of the Jews and the Iranians.

[IN: Irano-Judaica III. Studies Relating to Jewish Contacts with
Persian Culture Throughout the Ages.
Edited by Shaul Shaked and Amnon Netzer.
p. 90 - 96.]

PUB: The Ben-Zvi Institute for the Study of Jewish Communities
in the East and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel, 1994


The Socio-eceonomic Implications of Conflict of Gods in Indo-Iranian Mythology.

[IN: Ancient Economy in Mythology : East and West.
Edited by Morris Silver.
p. 59 - 71.]

PUB: Rowman & Littlefield
Savage, MD; U. S. A.; 1991
ISBN: 0847676293


Ethics in Ancient Iranian Thought.

[IN: 75 Years Platinum Jubilee Volume. p. 116 - 120.]

PUB: K. R. Cama Oriental Institute
Mumbai (Bombay), India, 1991


Good and Evil in Myth and Philosophy in the Traditions of Iran and India.

[IN: K. R. Cama Oriental Institute, International Congress
Proceedings. Preface by Homai N. Modi. p. 85 - 89.]

PUB: K. R. Cama Oriental Institute
Mumbai (Bombay), India, 1991


Understanding Zarathushtra - a Philosophic Perspective.

[IN: Iranica Varia : Papers in Honor of Professor Ehsan Yarshater.
{Acta Iranica 30. Troisieme serie : Textes et Memoires, Vol. XVI.}
p. 104 - 109.]

PUB: Centre International d'Etudes Indo-Iraniennes
(Diffusion : E. J. Brill)
Leiden, The Netherlands, 1990


Relativity And Justification

[IN: Aspects of relativism :  moral, cognitive, and literary 
edited, with an introduction, by James E. Bayley.
Papers presented at a conference held at the City College of New York and at the State University of New York/Albany in April 1988.
p. 55 - 67.]

PUB: University Press of America
Lanham, Md.; U.S.A.; 1992
ISBN: 0819185973


Philosophy of Religion and Zoroastrian Thought.
(Government Fellowship Lectures, delivered in 1981.)

Lecture 1 : Conceptual Transformations in Early Religious Thought.
Lecture 2 : The Development of Zoroastrian Thought and Comparative Theology.
Lecture 3 : The Philosophy of Zoroastrianism and it's relation to other Traditions.
Lecture 4 : Religious Justification and Contemporary Knowledge.

[IN: Journal of the K. R. Cama Oriental Institute,
1986, No. 53, p. 1 - 73.]

PUB: K. R. Cama Oriental Institute
Mumbai (Bombay), India, 1986


The Development of Zoroastrian Thought and Comparative Theology

[IN:  American Academy of Religion Conference
Anaheim, CA; U.S.A.; 1985]


Values and Rights Underlying Social Justice

[IN: Social Justice
edited by Randolph L. Braham
p. 29 - 44]

PUB: Martinus Nijhoff
Boston, MA: U.S.A.; 1981
ISBN: 0898380634


Conceptual Changes in the Problem of the Mind-Body Relation

[IN: Body and mind :  past, present, and future
edited by Robert W. Rieber.
p. 57 - 76]

PUB: Academic Press, 
New York, NY; U.S.A.; 1980.
ISBN: 0125882602


Human Rights and Their Justification

[IN: Human rights : contemporary domestic and international issues and conflicts
edited by Randolph L. Braham.]

PUB: Irvington Publishers,
New York, NY; U.S.A.;  1980.
LC Control Number: 79048095

Reflections on the Zoroastrian Religion : The Philosophy of Belief and Practice.

[IN: Parsiana,
August 1980, p. 13 - 23, p. 43 - 51.]

PUB: Parsiana Publications Private Limited
Mumbai (Bombay), India, 1980


The Logic of Diagnosis and Therapy in Psychopathology

[IN: Problems in Psychopathology Conference
New York, NY; U.S.A.; 1979]


The Philosophic Basis for the Distinction Between Science and Other Cognitive Inquiries

[Wien, Österrreichisches Nationalkomitee für den XIV. Internationalen Kongress für Philosophie, 1968]

Acts of the 14th International Congress of Philosophy,
Vienna, Austria; September 1968
LC Control Number:  68141208

The Nature of Scientific Theories

[IN: The Nature of Scientific Theories Conference 
Gothenburg, Sweden, 1964]


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