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Domains of Belief 
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The Thesis of 
Domains of Belief


The major assumption of this thesis is that there are 4 intrinsic demands which are made by the human psyche:
  1. Demand to explain – why do trees grow this way? Or why do they bear fruits in one season and not another etc. This demand produces an enormous array of beliefs which we call Scientific Knowledge
  2. Demand for influence and control in our environment (both physical and social) – techniques by which we can transform things to suit our needs – This is the demand that leads to Technology.
  3. Demand to justify – our own actions and ask for the justification of others’ actions – This is the demand that leads to Ethics
  4. Demand to seek significance in our existence – what is it that gives a point to my existence? What is the purpose of my life? – This is the demand that produces Religion.

Each domain has its own clear and distinct methodology, with its own set of rules, as well as its own distinct area of application.

Today we can separate these domains. However, in the early history of humanity there was no clear understanding of the separation of these domains. As civilizations advanced, the various demands gained prominence and separated from the collective – forming their own distinctive domain of belief.

To apply the rules and methodologies of one domain to the applications of another is what is creating tremendous confusion and intellectual transgression. Conversely, the clear application of the methodologies of each domain to applications within the same domain will present clarity and the disappearance of much of the intellectual confusion in discussion and debate, as well as in daily life.

For an in-depth discussion, please see the interview.


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